My First Book Is Now Available For iPad and iPhone

So I’ve written before about my first book, Blue Like the Sky, and how I published it through a company called Blurb. Like any good self-published and control freak author, I have gone back and done a little work on the book, adding some new content, changing the cover art, rearranging pictures–making it available as […]

I’ve Published My First Book!

If you’ve read the blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that one of my goals is to be a published writer. I’ve had success getting into magazines (both print and online), but I’ve never been able to get an agent or a publisher interested in any of the […]

Again With the Digital Revolution…

Had lunch today with a friend of mine, Cameron, and we talked about writing. Specifically, we talked about some of my more recent blog posts and my need to get over myself. It was a great chat, and I appreciated the chance to talk shop with a fellow writer. Cameron’s inviation to lunch came on […]