Questions I’d Ask During Tonight’s Debate

There’s a presidential debate tonight, in case you didn’t know (which, if you didn’t, what’s it like to live in a world devoid of phones, TV, computers, electricity, and angst? And what, exactly, does it mean to be Amish?). It will be America’s first time to see the two men vying to lead our great […]

No More For Hitch

Just saw that Christopher Hitchens, the ultra-famous essayist and cultural critic, died in Houston from pneumonia, as a result of his ongoing battle with esophageal cancer. He was 62. I became familiar with Hitchens because of his book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. I won’t say I liked the book because I […]

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

My blog post from yesterday stirred up quite a bit of discussion on the Loganville-Grayson Patch, and I’ve spent a bit of time today trying to thoughtfully address some of the questions, concerns, and comments that people have taken the time to post. It’s been exhausting. I’m grateful that no one has been anything close […]