Dream Woman

Wednesday, some of the students I work with at the Grayson High School Christian Learning Center asked what was my most embarrassing moment. As a life-long goober, that’s like asking Michelle Duggard to pick her favorite kid: there’s just too many to choose from. However, one of my church students called out, “Tell them about […]

Everything Old Is New Again

Last Friday, I took my daughter to our first Daddy-Daughter Dance. I was nervous. She was hyper. We had to go buy toothpaste before we went. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was nervous because I wanted to make the evening memorable. I wanted to make sure that I set high standards for […]

Still Crazy (About Her) After 10 Years…

So Rachel and I were sitting on the couch last night – well, I was sitting, she had her feet propped up on my lap for her nightly massage – and suddenly she sits up, looks at me and says: “Tomorrow is our tenth anniversary. I almost forgot.” I laughed. Because I had forgotten. We’ve […]