The Year Without a Secret Santa Claus

It was my seventh grade year. Middle school – that time in a young man’s life when everything revolves around going unnoticed. At least, that’s the way I remembered it. You kept your head down, closed your eyes, and prayed to God that no one noticed you’re alive, because if they did, they’d likely remember you’re… Continue reading The Year Without a Secret Santa Claus

God With Us

* This is the manuscript to my sermon from this morning. I delivered this message at my church, Chestnut Grove Baptist, for our final Advent candle – the Christ candle. I post it here for those who might be wondering, in the wake of current events, just where God is when we need Him. *… Continue reading God With Us

The Massacre of Innocence

I honestly wanted to write about the Grinch today. Seriously. I got to thinking about the term “grinch” and what it’s come to mean, so I started looking up the etymology of the word, which lead to a whole bunch of searching and, somehow, me ending up at Matthew 2:13-18, commonly referred to as the… Continue reading The Massacre of Innocence

Their Pain, Our Joy

The Gospel of Matthew begins with some of the most horrific words in all of Scripture: “A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham…” Instantly you are thrown into one of those dreaded Bible lists, the kind that – if you’re reading in the King James Version –… Continue reading Their Pain, Our Joy