We Are People, Not Issues

I’ve been rattling this idea around in my head for a while, and the events of this week have sort of brought it to the forefront. It seems like a common sense thing to me, but maybe my common sense is defective. Anyway, here it goes: I am a person, not an issue. And so… Continue reading We Are People, Not Issues

Beware the Ban-dwagon

This probably should’ve been a tweet, but there is something dangerous about Christians who are so quick to call for others to be “banned” or excluded from the freedoms we enjoy here in America. We really need to do some soul-searching before we start pushing those thoughts out onto our social media, if only because… Continue reading Beware the Ban-dwagon

The Curious Case of Mark Richt

My alma mater fired the second most successful coach in its history yesterday, ending an historic run in the history of University of Georgia athletics. Sadly, it was the lack of significantly historic moments that led to the downfall of Coach Mark Richt. As I learned during lunch yesterday afternoon, the University has decided to… Continue reading The Curious Case of Mark Richt

How to Be Thankful

I struggle with being thankful, which sucks because, as a Christian, thankfulness is supposed to be a crucial piece of my life. I am grateful for the good things in my life — Rachel, Ella, Jon, an awesome job, great friends, a fantastic church — but thankfulness extends beyond just what we enjoy. It also… Continue reading How to Be Thankful

5 Things That Make Prayer Powerful

Most people I know believe in the power of prayer. Few actually practice it though. I’m not being judgmental.¬†Until the last couple of years, my use of prayer was similar to Bugs Bunny’s use of dressing in drag: strategically reserved for only the biggest messes. But now I can’t go the day without some serious… Continue reading 5 Things That Make Prayer Powerful