Living a Better Story

Every day is its own story; with the rising of the sun comes┬áconflict, twists, turns, and, if we’re paying attention, character development.┬áThe ultimate author of each day is God, but within our individual spheres, we are the ones at the keyboard. It is our will that shapes our days, filling them with something meaningful and […]

Paging C.S. Lewis

It’s late. No one will read this. By now, half the world is asleep, or they’re just getting their day underway. It will slip under the radar, drift off into the ether, and exist only as an entry on my already lengthy archive. But then again, if no one’s going to read it, why bother […]

What Hell Is Rob Bell Talking About?

I blogged about this before (see here) but I finally went out out and bought Rob Bell’s latest book, Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, And The Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived. I spent the last day reading it. I must say, I’m not impressed. Neither am I outraged. My good friend […]

How Lewis Grizzard Changed My Life

I was filing out an application for a men’s mentoring program today (it’s with the C.S. Lewis Institute here in Atlanta), and among the many questions I had to answer was this: 20. What book, other than the Bible, has had the greatest impact on your life? Explain why. It took me a while to […]