FREE Kindle Downloads This Weekend

Yeah, that was a bit clickbait-ish, but it’s still true. Starting midnight on August 29th, every one of my books will be FREE in the Kindle store. That’s a total of six books, all available for download on your Kindle, all for free. So what’s the occasion? Four years ago, my dad’s dad passed away. […]

Keep the Train Rolling

This week I’m participating in Seth Godin’s #YourTurnChallenge. My goal is to blog everyday this week (Mon-Sun) here on my site as well as on the challenge’s official Tumblr blog. Here’s my Day 4 submission. Today is my 39th birthday. One year away from 40. I wrestle most days with feeling like a failure. The […]

Bulldawg: How I Published a Book in a Day

Yesterday, I had a sudden burst of energy and a surplus of time. The end result? I now have a new book available on Amazon (both Kindle version and in paperback). Before you get all impressed, let me clarify: The book is a collection of short stories that I wrote a few years ago. I […]

Thoughts On Jon Acuff’s “Quitter”

I was finally able to track down a book I’ve been wanting to read for quite some time – Jon Acuff’s Quitter – and hunkered down to read it. If you don’t know Acuff, he came to prominence with his blog, Stuff Christians Like, and has turned his blog into a dream career of writing […]