How To Buy My Book “Blue Like The Sky”

The cover to my first book, "Blue Like the Sky". It ain't fancy or nothing, but it's mine.

Several people have come up to me recently and asked the same question:

“How can I get your book?”

First off, as a writer, there’s no cooler words that could be spoken. It just makes you feel…special. You have a book. People want it.

That feeling is short lived, however, when you have to say, “Well, the only way to really get it is to order it online.”

Believe me, I would love to be able to say, “Well, I just happen to have some in my car…” Or even better,”Head to Bord…uh, Barnes and Noble and grab a copy!”

But the truth is, the only way to get a copy is to order it online. Since I’ve self-published the book, it’s not available like a traditional book would be. And if I wanted to sell hard copies, which I would love to do, I would have to shell out money I don’t have in order to get the books printed. Then I would have to hope I sold them all.

Since I can’t afford to purchase a run of 100 books right now, I have to respectfully ask those interested in buying a book to head to the Blurb bookstore and submit an order through them. I suppose I could post a form where people could submit orders to me, mail me a check, and I could order the book and sign it for you, but it is honestly easier for you if you order it yourself.

And I’ll happily sign it if you’d like.

Since some people are a bit confused about online shopping, I’m going to post a step-by-step instruction manual for purchasing Blue Like The Sky, either in color or in black and white.

Here we go:

1. Head to my Blurb bookstore by clicking on this link:

2. Click on the book you would like to buy (the black and white version is cheaper).

3. You will be directed to the book’s homepage. In the box to the right of the book info, select which type of book you want (softcover or hardcover) and then enter the number of books you’d like to buy.

4. Hit Add To Cart.

5. Make sure that you have the correct book selected, as well as the correct number of books you’d like to order. Hit Checkout.

6. You’ll be directed to a screen with two boxes: one marked Returning Customers (on the left) and one marked New Customers (on the right). Type in your email address into the New Customers box and click Begin Checkout.

7. You’ll be directed to page that says Shipping Information. Beneath that will be a box titled Add New Address. Click on it.

8. Enter the address where you would like the book to be shipped and click Add.

9. The address you just entered will appear at the top of the page, along with three shipping options, based on the date the you’d like to receive the book. Select whichever option you’d prefer and click Continue.

10. You will be directed to the Payment Options page. Select either credit card or PayPal (don’t worry – Blurb is a secure web vendor, which means all of your data is encrypted). Verify the billing address is correct. Click Continue.

11. Enter your credit card or PayPal information in the area provided and make sure that everything is correct. If it’s good to go, hit Place Order.

12. Now, you just have to wait for the book to arrive.

If the prices seem high, it’s because they are. I will only make about $1.00 per book after processing and stuff gets worked, but that’s not really the point of this whole thing. The point has been to get an actual book available for people to read and to see if anyone will actually read it. So far, lots of people have expressed interest, but nobody’s bought one. And that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

I am, and will forever be, grateful to each and every person who came to me during my grandfather’s visitation or funeral and told me how much they came to know and love him through my blog. This book is a gift to his memory, and even if I never sell a single book, I’m still proud to have made my first one about him. It’s fitting, in so many ways.

Thanks to all of you who read, and encourage, and pray for me each time I post something. You mean the world to me. And if you end up buying one of my books, just know in advance that I truly appreciate it.

I’ve Published My First Book!

The cover to my first book, "Blue Like the Sky". It ain't fancy or nothing, but it's mine.

If you’ve read the blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that one of my goals is to be a published writer. I’ve had success getting into magazines (both print and online), but I’ve never been able to get an agent or a publisher interested in any of the books I’ve submitted.

While I still long for the day that I can sign my name to a publishing contract, my days of waiting for my first book to be published are over.

I’m happy to announce that my first book, Blue Like the Sky, a collection of my blog posts about my grandfather, is now available through Blurb.

Sure, it’s self-publishing, but that doesn’t diminish my satisfaction in the slightest. The books are cheaper than what you would have to pay if they’d been traditionally published (with the exception of the full-color hardback with dust jacket – holy crap, they think a LOT of those puppies. I recommend the black and white version), but that doesn’t matter because profit isn’t my concern. I mean, it’s nice, but I didn’t publish this for the money.

I did this A) because it is my way of coping with my grandfather’s nearing death; B) because I think there are some people who would want to read it as a way of helping them cope with their own grief; and C) just to finally accomplish one of my long-standing dreams.

I share it with you because so many of you have encouraged me with your readership, which has given me confidence in my writing. I don’t want you to spend your money – you can read almost all of the same material right here on this blog – but I wanted you to be able to see the rewards of our partnership. I write, you read, and (hopefully) we all win.

With Blue Like the Sky, I feel like I’ve done something that would make my grandfather proud.

I hope you’ll be proud too.

Thanks for reading, for encouraging, and for believing in me. It means the world.