Been A Long Time…

…since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been hard at work on the novel (tentatively titled “BULLDAWG”) so there’s not been a lot of free time for posting. I just wanted to drop a line and let those of you who still check in from time to time that I have made some cuts and am back to around 65,000 words, but have a tighter, better story. I’m going to work at little bit more tonight on finishing the manuscript, and then I’ll be looking for a few readers to give it a go.

If you’re interested, hit me up. I will warn you that this is NOT a Christian bookstore novel. There is language and other unsavory elements, but I think the story overall is good. We’ll see what the readers (and ultimately some agents) think. If you know of a published author who might give the manuscript a read, shoot me a message. I’d love to get a pro’s point of view.

All the best, and I’ll check back in when the novel is done and ready to be read.

Novel Ideas, Novel Progress

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to ye olde blogge, so I thought I would slap one together and give you good folks an update. You deserve it.

First of all, thank you to the hundreds of you read my postings about my daughter and life a couple of weeks ago. Every year the anniversary of her death hits pretty hard, especially when you’re dealing with two other little ones and don’t have enough time to turn around, much less brace yourself for an emotional pile-driver. I put my emotions into writing, and so many of you responded, either with encouragement or your own stories, and I am grateful to have the power of words to share such things with so many.

Secondly, I’m writing to you from Wheaton, Illinois, home of the slightly moist hotel room, in preparation for a conference at Wheaton College (or University; I forget). So the blog posts might be a tad more frequent this week with the change in schedule. Then again, if I don’t have anything to say, they might just stay the same.

Third, I wanted to share that I am making tremendous progress on my novel, BULLDAWG (with a shout out to Ashton Adams who corrected my previous spelling error). The five disparate stories that I thought might come together have actually meshed quite well, and I’m really beginning to find some changes and focus are helping the character of Bence Little come to life. What’s so amazing is how easy it is to write – if you remember, I was huffing and puffing about lack of motivation and writer’s block only a few scant weeks ago. Now, I’m able to crank out 5-6 pages in an hour, and I have filled my Moleskin with pages of new notes and thoughts and directions. The love interest has been ratcheted up, there’s a new twist with getting an actual detective’s license, and the transition from story to story expands to reveal more about Bence’s past and future.

In short, I’m having a ball.

And thinking that maybe, just maybe, this might be good enough to see print. Or at least get past an agent’s slush pile. There’s still tons of work to be done, but for the first time in a long time I have an idea that hasn’t crapped itself out. It actually keeps giving birth to a better, sharper story that I really want to tell.

Oh well, time to go – I’ve got dinner with some colleagues in a few minutes, and I want to get some pages in before I leave. I’ll check back in later on.