For Those Who’ve Lost a Child

I’m currently working on a book of essays for people who have lost a child. I’m looking for folks both recently devastated by their loss and for people who have been able to heal over time to contribute quotes on any of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. If you’d… Continue reading For Those Who’ve Lost a Child

Advent Thoughts: That Baby Smell

My son is two years old, and he still smells like a baby. Fresh out of bed in the morning (once his overnight diaper has been changed), he smells like powder and childhood. It’s an intoxicating smell, one that my sister-in-law Melodie once declared her favorite in the world. It’s a dainty smell, a scent… Continue reading Advent Thoughts: That Baby Smell

The Majesty of Being Human

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent, and rather than struggle with a blog idea for today, I’ve decided to post some thoughts on the season each Monday during Advent. For those who don’t know what Advent is, here’s a great article on the season and what it means to the Christian faith. On a… Continue reading The Majesty of Being Human

So Tiny, So Strong

Ella’s surgery went surprisingly well today. She was in and out of the operating room in under 20 minutes, and while she did sleep in post-op for about an hour and a half, she exhibited no real signs of pain. She’s eaten like a horse, however, and we should have seen it coming. All morning… Continue reading So Tiny, So Strong