Reflections of a #DanceDad

This past weekend, my daughter’s ballet company completed their annual Nutcracker show at the Infinite Energy Center here in Gwinnett. It was a wonderful and busy weekend, with 2 shows on Friday, 3 shows on Saturday, 2 shows on Sunday, and 2 more school shows on Monday. Approximately 10 minutes after getting in the car… Continue reading Reflections of a #DanceDad

90% Failure Means You’re Doing Great

I heard an incredible interview today on WABE, the local Atlanta NPR affiliate. Radio host Lois Reitzes sat down with Matthew Diffee, a cartoonist for The New Yorker, to talk about Diffee’s new book “Hand Drawn Jokes for Smart, Attractive People.” During the interview, Reitzes asked Diffee about his work process, and Diffee explained that,… Continue reading 90% Failure Means You’re Doing Great

Forget the Lingo, Get the Best

This week I’m participating in Seth Godin’s #YourTurnChallenge. My goal is to blog everyday this week (Mon-Sun) here on my site as well as on the challenge’s official Tumblr blog. Here’s my Day 2 submission. I took this picture over the weekend. I was at a retreat for leaders, and I woke up early to… Continue reading Forget the Lingo, Get the Best