No Sins But Our Own

More and more I become convinced that the biggest problem we have in American culture is our obsession with any sin that isn’t our own. Cecil the Lion. Planned Parenthood. Barack Obama. Donald Trump. The entire GOP presidential field. I get caught up in the hysteria. I’ve tweeted out things about certain cultural phenomena in an… Continue reading No Sins But Our Own

For Those Who’ve Lost a Child

I’m currently working on a book of essays for people who have lost a child. I’m looking for folks both recently devastated by their loss and for people who have been able to heal over time to contribute quotes on any of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. If you’d… Continue reading For Those Who’ve Lost a Child

The Impossible Weapon of Hate

I remember a story that Lewis Grizzard used to tell, about the former Bulldog announcer Ed Thelinius traveling up north to call a Yale-Harvard football game. In the hours before the game was set to kick-off, a young Crimson student approached Thelinius and began chatting with the Southerner on life in the South, the appeal… Continue reading The Impossible Weapon of Hate

Of Specks, Motes, and the Cacophony of Rage

There’s this verse in the Bible that goes something like, “Don’t look for the speck of dust in someone else’s eye and ignore the tree branch in your own.” To modern ears that’s a bit strange, and it gets even better if you read the King James Version: “And why beholdest thou the mote that… Continue reading Of Specks, Motes, and the Cacophony of Rage

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

To my right is a picture frame filled with old photos of me as a kid. In one I’m holding my little brother, each of us equally bedecked in some hideous early-80s fashion, and we’re smiling with all of the joy and mischief of childhood. In another, I’m turned out in a strange looking suit/tux/waitstaff… Continue reading Get Back to Where You Once Belonged