Why We Need Superman

I have a confession: I’ve been a bit ambivalent towards Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel, a reboot of the Superman movie franchise. It’s not because Snyder isn’t a great director (I liked both Watchmen and 300), and it’s not because the cast isn’t amazing (though I didn’t exactly warm to Henry Cavill at first…he’s… Continue reading Why We Need Superman

Fear Is Our Native Tongue

Yesterday, someone blew up the finish line of the Boston Marathon. What once was a foreign thought – the idea that anyone would dare attack our country and its citizens – has become commonplace. Once again we turn on the news, or log on to our favorite website, and we see images of horror, bloodshed,… Continue reading Fear Is Our Native Tongue

How Can This Happen Here?

I know I said I was going to post about a spooky happening this afternoon, but to be honest, I’m not sure that the story is really worth an entire blog post. To hold true to my word (and in keeping with the Hallowe’en spirit), I’ll give you the rundown: Yesterday, as I was on… Continue reading How Can This Happen Here?

The Myth of Independence

No, that’s not just a “pee in someone’s Cheerios” blog title, cynically posted to stir up traffic on the most sacred of our secular American holidays. It’s a legitimate thought that I can and will back up in my post. But – it certainly got your attention didn’t it? Such is the power of the… Continue reading The Myth of Independence