The Death of Christian America

Sing the sad songs, drape the flag over the coffin, toss a rose in the grave and give the grieving widow a hug: the idea of a Christian America is dead. Done. Buried. And unlike our Christian Savior, it ain’t coming back. Maybe it was a pipe dream. Maybe it was an illusion. Maybe it… Continue reading The Death of Christian America

Capitalist Pig

I am a capitalist pig. A greedy, envious, gadget-loving swine. That realization dawned on me yesterday while dropping off my office computer for repairs at the Mall of Georgia Apple Store. Despite the fact that I have more MacBooks than your average Starbucks, I still found myself wandering the aisles of the Apple Store, running… Continue reading Capitalist Pig

A Letter to My Children: The Debt Ceiling, Politicians, and My Failure as a Father

Dear Ella and Jon – Both of your great-grandfathers served in World War II in the European theater. Pop Emmette, your Nonna’s father, was assigned to a postmasters’ outfit in France just before the final collapse of Berlin. Pop Harold, your Poppy’s dad, was a quartermaster with the Army who helped with the final supply… Continue reading A Letter to My Children: The Debt Ceiling, Politicians, and My Failure as a Father

The Myth of Independence

No, that’s not just a “pee in someone’s Cheerios” blog title, cynically posted to stir up traffic on the most sacred of our secular American holidays. It’s a legitimate thought that I can and will back up in my post. But – it certainly got your attention didn’t it? Such is the power of the… Continue reading The Myth of Independence

Dancing In The Light Of Fireflies

I’m going to spend a lot of my time going to funerals over the next five years. A lot. I said as much to my brother, Ryan, yesterday before the funeral of one of our former pastors. He agreed with me. And as we looked around the church where we found ourselves, we could count… Continue reading Dancing In The Light Of Fireflies