Eric’s Laws – Guest Post by Eric Green

I’ve known Eric Green for years, spending at least three working side-by-side as we both learned how to lead. He is a unique combination of humility and wit, as well as an endless source of Twitter wisdom. He posted some of the following on Twitter, and I asked him to put together a blog post. […]

What Do You Do With Philando Castile?

I’ve never once walked down a street and been afraid of being stopped by a cop. I’ve never gotten in my car and worried that I might be pulled over for simply driving. I’ve never worried about having my cellphone’s camera on the ready to record video. I’ve never had a friend get arrested that […]

An Open Letter to the GOP

Dear Grand Old Party – I just wanted to take a moment to suggest a strategy for you as you head into your convention in a couple of weeks. I know that Donald Trump has long been the presumptive nominee, swept into his high estate by a large number of people who are either very, […]

We Are People, Not Issues

I’ve been rattling this idea around in my head for a while, and the events of this week have sort of brought it to the forefront. It seems like a common sense thing to me, but maybe my common sense is defective. Anyway, here it goes: I am a person, not an issue. And so […]

Let Those Without Sin Hold Parenting Classes

Once upon a time, while at a Braves game with my family, I lost my daughter amid a sea of 30,000 people. (Obviously, this was a while ago.) We were in the upper deck at Turner Field, where the Kid Zone is, and my son declared his need for the potty. Since my son has […]