You Decide: A Quick Poll On Potential New Features

I had another post I was going to run today, but I had to stop writing in the middle of it and kind of lost my mojo. (Surprise!) However, after lunch with a dear friend and mentor of mine, I came away with some thoughts about my future, and I wanted to poll those of you who read on a regular basis and ask for your feedback.

Below is a custom poll on some items I’m leaning towards producing in addition to my new website that’s in the works. I’m asking each of you who read to participate so I can get a handle on future projects and not waste time chasing things that sound cool but don’t really matter. Quickly, here’s what I’m thinking about:

They’re pretty straightforward, so there’s not a ton of explaining to do. I’m more interested in what my readers would find useful/desirable/nifty. Thus the poll. You can select all of the options, or just the ones you like (simply click the button next to your choices and then click Vote).

I look forward to your input. As always thanks for reading, and if you’ve an idea I’ve not listed, feel free to leave it in the comments, or to let me know via Twitter or Facebook.

Tell me what you think...

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