Building An Author Website

So I wrote last week about wanting to make some changes over the weekend. I’ve considered launching a personal website for some time now, a place where the blog and my books could be displayed, and something that could give me a bit more of a presence as a writer. After much going back and forth, I finally decided I’d either host with WordPress or with Squarespace.

I asked for your opinion on what you thought: should I stay with WordPress and keep the following I’ve built here, or should I go with Squarespace and get the design and functionality that I want?

Several of you responded, and most encouraged me to stick with WordPress. Better to keep building the following I’ve earned than risk losing momentum. But a couple of you said the same thing:

Why not keep both?

So after exploring, I discovered that I could import my WordPress blog into the Squarespace platform. This morning’s blog is a test to see if I post on this blog and have it automatically update there. If I can do both, then I’m keeping both. If not, I’m really tempted to go with Squarespace. The picture below will show you why.


I’ll let you know what I decide. In the meantime, let me know what you think about the site design over at Squarespace. Do you like it? What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Building An Author Website

  1. Humbly, I agree….keep both. Build Squarespace into what you want and gradually port everything over to that if you decide that is where you want to be. It does seem much more versatile in building your brand!


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