What Would You Call This?

PlatformSo today I was trapped in the Customer Service lounge of my local Ford dealer while waiting on my car (oil change, no big deal). While I waited, I started reading Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World, because I’m interested in building my platform as a communicator (a fancy term for speaker/author) and because I needed something to distract me from the lady yapping into her bluetooth headset.

She seriously freaked me out. I didn’t even notice she had a bluetooth headset, so when I sat down next to her, I thought she was just watching TV. Then suddenly she shouts – shouts – “No, dadgummit, I told you to leave the beans on the stove!”

Never looked away from the TV, never changed her body language. Freaked me out.

Anyway, to keep my mind occupied, I started reading Hyatt’s book. I’ve had it for a month but haven’t been really motivated to read it because I’ve been battling the fear giants in my own head.

Oh, you don’t have fear giants? I’m guessing you do, you just call them by another name. Mine used to be called, “realism.” But whatever – I digress.

So I’m reading the book, and when he starts talking about branding, naming and packaging the thing you do that is uniquely yours, I started thinking about the blog. This is the biggest part of my platform (other than Twitter and Facebook), and I’ve never been satisfied with the appearance or limitations of the WordPress free site. It’s been fine thus far, and will probably suit me for a while longer, but I’m trying to think ahead and figure some things out. But beyond the blog’s appearance, I’ve got to say that the second biggest dissatisfaction has always been the blog’s title.

I started out as StorySouth, but quickly moved past that. For the longest time it was Jason Muses, but that felt too pretentious (though, strangely enough, a decent brand). Currently, it’s Everyday Faith.

And yet, I still don’t think I’m where I need to be. I mean, if someone said to you, “You know what? I’m looking for someone who can help me see life just a bit more clearly. Someone who can help me find the extra- for my ordinary. Someone who makes daily life seem full of blessings and wisdom. Can you recommend someone?” would you, off the top of your head, say, “Oh – you need to read Everyday Faith“?

Of course you wouldn’t.

So what do I need to call this blog? I’m open to suggestions. And while we’re at it, if you could describe why you read this blog with five words (like insight, humor, schadenfreude), what five words would you use? I ask because I know what five words I’d use to describe me – I’m curious to see if they line up with how you would describe me.

And please – while I’m always good with the humor, I’m seriously trying to learn something about building a platform. So if you could leave the jokes for Facebook, that would be great. I need serious help here.

Feel free to comment below. Or, like it normally goes, feel free to not say anything at all.

3 thoughts on “What Would You Call This?

  1. Wow, that is a hard one. For me, I love your blog. i must say from the name of it, I assumed you were a much older person. I have been impressed with your wisdom for one so young. When I read your posts, I feel a real part of your life. A new name suggestion could be…. Striving to Serve


    1. Thanks, widowseat23. I like Striving to Serve. And I’ve been accused of being much older than I actually am my entire life.

      Always been a weird duck that way.


  2. Five words?
    I had put this on today’s blog, but after going back and reading this one, I need to put it here. So here goes. Five words on why I read your blog:
    Your blog makes me think.


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