Paging C.S. Lewis

ImageIt’s late. No one will read this. By now, half the world is asleep, or they’re just getting their day underway. It will slip under the radar, drift off into the ether, and exist only as an entry on my already lengthy archive. But then again, if no one’s going to read it, why bother with formatting? Why bother with a picture? Why bother writing at all?

Because it’s how I think. It’s my process. Tonight, I need both. I need this night.

I need it because there’s anonymity in the night. There’s time to pray. To reflect. To think. There’s time to believe that God has plans, and those plans prevail.

Sometimes, when the daylight pours in along with the emails and skinned knees and bills that demand payment, it’s hard to remember that. But sometimes, when you’re in the midst of fixing things – like a hacked email account that belongs to your wife – you remember that there’s more to life than just the things that need fixing. You remember that you, yourself, need fixing, and you wonder what God is up to.

Then the night comes, and you can really wonder about it.

C.S. Lewis believed that wonder was as natural to the soul as breathing was to the body. That we as human beings needed to take time to step away from things that crowd and pull on our shirt sleeves, and just spend time drinking in the majesty that our world reveals. He found that wonder in his imagination, in his letters, in the various friendships he acquired, and he found it in his own, solitary way.

Tonight, I’m paging C.S. Lewis. I could use a little wonder. Just a smidge. For this moment, I need a restoration of majesty in my mind.

We’ll see what tomorrow’s daylight brings.

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