Because I’m a Nerd, That’s Why

I’m anxiously awaiting May 3. Not because my son’s birthday is May 1. Not because it will be the first of many glorious summer weekends here in Georgia. Not because I’ll be that much closer to having my babies home for the summer. No, I’m looking forward to May 3 because that’s the official release date for Iron Man 3, the anticipated summer blockbuster starring Robert Downey Jr.

I am, you see, a nerd.

I’m not a hardcore nerd – I don’t excel at the stereotypical nerd things that most people associate with nerd-dom. I would be laughed off of The Big Bang Theory. I would be run out of most comic conventions. I will never pass the official entrance exam for Star Fleet. Heck, I can’t even rattle off half of the characters from the Mos Isley cantina.

But I’m still a nerd.

I like intelligent people. I prefer in-depth conversations on topics of interest to shallow patter meant to make people feel at ease. I would rather debate the merits of what makes a superhero super than the ins and outs of Cypriot banking systems. If you offered me a choice between seeing all of the Marvel hero movies back-to-back-to-back or all of the DC hero movies back-to-back-to-back or the entire first season of Downton Abbey back-to-back-to-back, I’d take three hours debating between DC and Marvel. The Abbey would never enter the equation.

ImageMy children are following in my footsteps to a degree. Ella would just as soon watch a superhero cartoon as a Disney princess movie. Jon loves making his Avengers figures battle in the bathtub. And both he and Ella both got into the Cartoon Network series, Young Justice: Invasion. [SPOILER ALERT] Ella even went to the next level of fandom by writing this note of sorrow over the death of Kid Flash in the season finale.

All of this is to say that I’m okay with my nerdness. Not that it’s ever really been an issue for me (okay, maybe at times during high school and college), but as I get older and my nerdiness continues to change, I find that I’m more and more at ease with that side of my personality. Sure, I’ll get into a good theological debate with the best of them, and I love reading about philosophy and other fascinating topics, but just be forewarned that I might drop the Joker into a conversation as a legitimate example of nihilism, or Spider-Man as an example of the power of laughter.

I could go on, but I’m losing focus and my son needs a bath. So I’ll just end it with this meme I created the other day as a way of feeling better about myself. Maybe it will make you feel better about yourself too.


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