The Dunk Tank

Tomorrow, I’m going to spend an awful lot of time perched on a particularly uncomfortable seat, hoping against hope that the people in front of me have more accuracy issues than the National Enquirer. I’m going to sit there, thinking about the water beneath me, and the people before me, and ask myself if risking […]

The Rest of Us

This morning, I read, as I always do whenever he posts, Kris Parker’s blog “It’s the People, Not the Labels That Really Matter.” I loved it, as it summed up beautifully the importance of seeing people for what they are: people. Regardless of whether they agree with us, think like us, talk like us, or […]

Mary’s Little Lamb

I suppose there’s a great cosmic harmony to the fact that my daughter, Mary Ella, has a lamb as her favorite stuffed animal. It’s been her favorite since she was two years old. When she was three, she went through a program at our church called Cubbies (part of the AWANA Clubs), and she learned […]

Potty Rock Anthem

My son is learning to go to the potty. After an ill advised attempt to potty train him over the Christmas holidays (future parents take note: attempting potty training during the Christmas season is stupid), we began the adventure anew over Spring Break. It was tough going at first, but with the help of pull-ups […]

Pot Stirring Tuesday: Is Theocracy Unavoidable?

This won’t be an overly long post, as I’ve not spent too much time thinking the topic through (it only popped into my head this morning as I read this story about Sarah Silverman and her sense of politically charged humor). And perhaps, by admitting I’ve not thought it through, I am saying this post […]