Here Come the Judge

Every once in a while I come across a topic that really sticks with me. It makes me think and re-think and re-re-think as I struggle to decide just where I stand on the subject. Sometimes I find myself back where I started; other times, I find myself moving away from my original position, but […]

Little Too Little

I love working with teenagers. They’re fun, energetic, and quite hysterical to be around. Last night, my youth group spent time hanging out together and it was just a fun evening. Getting to laugh, play games, and just talk is one of the best parts of being a youth minister. It gives them the chance […]

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

To my right is a picture frame filled with old photos of me as a kid. In one I’m holding my little brother, each of us equally bedecked in some hideous early-80s fashion, and we’re smiling with all of the joy and mischief of childhood. In another, I’m turned out in a strange looking suit/tux/waitstaff […]

Learning from Hollywood: The Cautionary Tale of John Carter

The number crunchers for Walt Disney and its various movie subsidiaries announced today that their $250 million space epic, John Carter, will officially enter into the books as a bigger flop than Ishtar. All signs point to the n’er-do-well sci-fi dud to lose close to $200 million, once all factors are considered. For some reason, […]