A Blur of Mini-blogs

Since I have thoroughly sucked lately at keeping this blog updated, I’m thinking it might be time for a series of micro-blogs–short, to the point ramblings on whatever happens to be tooling around in my head. There’s a lot going up there these days, and there’s just not enough time to chase every thought down and give it full voice.

So, that being said, today’s first micro-blog:

Our church is sending a team to the Dominican Republic to do some construction work and general d0-goodness the week of July 21-28. The cost per person is roughly $950 (plane ticket, meals, lodging, taxes) and we’re going to try and raise as much money as we can to help make the trip more accessible during these tough economic times. While there are traditional fundraisers (anyone up for some no-name chocolate bars?) and standard fundraisers (all hail the spaghetti dinner!), I’m thinking of something a bit outside the box.

I have an old journal that I kept on my very first mission trip, a one-week excursion to Jamaica in 1999. I was 23 years-old, just getting my preaching feet under me, and wanted desperately to see what God might do through me to spread the Gospel. I kept that journal every day, jotting down every observation that I could think of–spiritual or otherwise.

So I’m thinking that I might take that journal, along with some new essays on missions and the need for laypeople to “Go!” (as Jesus commanded), and turning it into a book that could be ordered. All profit from the books (every last dime above cost and shipping) would go towards the mission trip in July.

Good idea? Let me know what you think in the comments (or on my Facebook page).

One thought on “A Blur of Mini-blogs

  1. AWESOME idea!! I would buy one for sure. I loved reading that journal. It made me laugh and made me proud at the same time. Can’t forget Louis the Lounge Lizard either.


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