Cynthia Nixon and Her Choice

  Actress Cynthia Nixon says she’s gay by choice. And a lot of gay people are mad at her for it. (Actually, Nixon now says she’s bisexual be genetics, but chooses to be in a committed same-sex relationship.) Now, take a deep breath: this is not a post to bash homosexuals, nor is it going […]

Don’t Be A Dirtbag

One of my favorite movie franchises is Pixar’s Toy Story. I absolutely love all three of those movies and could watch/quote them ad infinitum. In fact, one of the lines from the original film gets quoted all the time by either my wife or myself; it’s delivered by Sarge, an Army soldier voiced by the […]

The Struggle With Why

A child struggles to find enough to eat in an under-developed African village. A mother stands over the graves of children lost to disease. A devout religious person is arrested, beaten and jailed by a hostile government. A teenager is insulted, assaulted and made to feel like trash as she heads into the clinic. A […]

Forever Daddy

When I was in my college years, and really even up until I met my wife, I never actively thought about being a father. I figured it would happen at some point (after all, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?) but I never spent time contemplating what that would mean to my life. I […]

Celebrating Joseph

Sometimes, you have to go and find the story. Other times, the story comes to you. This is one of those times. I work with teenagers as a youth pastor, and one of the young people in my youth group is named Joseph. Joseph is a high-energy, high-charisma kid who is almost always smiling and […]