Satisfaction You Can Feel

Saturday night, while I was running media for my church’s dessert theater performance, the nice people of FedEx dropped off a package at my house that made me exceptionally happy. It was merely a little brown cardboard box, nothing of size or particular importance, but when I saw that plain little package, my heart did a back-flip.

It was my Christmas gift to myself. Something I’d been dreaming of for a long time.

I brought the box inside and carefully cut it open, pulling out the tiny contents. There in my hands, was satisfaction made tangible.

I will end up giving away all four copies for Christmas, but to hold my own book in my own hands, to know that my words were now set down in print for someone else to read, well – it was the best gift I could’ve gotten for Christmas. I’ll sign each copy and give them to their intended recipients, and those folks may hate the book with a passion or view it as a nice little gesture.

But for me, I will be giving them my personal dream made reality.

It will be nice to share.

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