Stump the Chump: How Can the Bible Still Be Relevant?

Is the Bible outdated?

Got this in my inbox today from someone who unfairly labeled themselves “goofus”:

Question: I’m not sure that this is quite a “stump the chump”, but it is something that I have been musing lately myself:

People commonly think that the bible can’t possible be relevant in it’s current form because it is so old and things are so different now.  While it is true that the bible is old and things are very different now, I believe that the comparison between the bible and things is what is irrelevant.

Generally the bible only deals with things with regard to the roles they play in the relationships between people and God, as well as between people and other people.  Gods Word actually speaks to people (not things) and people don’t change.  Think about it: “Dear, do you think this dress makes me look fat?”…2000 years ago: “Do you think this toga makes me look fat?”…iPhone 4G or iPad2 vs chariot or guilded shield?

Things have changed a lot, but I think people remain the same from age to age.  God doesn’t change.  People don’t change.  Maybe the bible doesn’t need to change either.  What do ya think?

Well, goofus, I think you’ve made some pretty salient points. The only thing that I would even add is the following:

  • The Bible is a revelation of God, and as such is about God. Much as you said people don’t change, it is even more true that God doesn’t change. He is, after all, eternal. Therefore a book about Him would by definition be relevant in any age.
  • People who dismiss the Bible because it’s “out of date” should also dismiss everything written prior to the modern era. After all, what is history if not outdated?
  • And finally, I don’t think there was a good answer to the toga question, even then.

Thanks for writing – and for the great thoughts. If you have a question you’d like to Stump the Chump with, then click on the link above and submit your form. I’ll happily address it as soon as I can.


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