I know nobody will read this one, but I don’t care. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for:

- a house.

- two good cars.

- plenty of clothes.

- plenty of food.

- plenty of family.

- plenty of friends.

- a good job.

- a good church.

- freedom.

- health.

- clean water.

- accessible medical care.

- public service men and women who protect and serve the interests of the people.

- military men and women who fight and die for the rights of the people.

- God.

- His Son, Christ.

- good books.

- good movies.

- good music.

- good fun.

- Rachel.

- Ella.

- Jon.

- Ruthanne.

- the promise of something better, one day.

So much for which I am, and should be, thankful. I hope you feel likewise today.

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