A Collage of Awful Pictures of Myself

Life has sort of taken a serious turn the last few days, and my mind honestly needs a break. So, in a spirit of levity, I’ve come up with a fool-proof way of inducing fits of hysterical giggling, at least from other people.

I’ve been going through family photos, and stumbled across something so hideous as to be comically priceless. Ordinarily, there’s no way in Hades I would post something like this, as I am the butt of the joke. But right now I figure it’s better to be the clown than not to laugh at all.

Therefore, I present to you a collage of some of the worst pictures a human being has ever taken. Comments are welcomed.

Behold...humiliation for your laughing pleasure.

4 thoughts on “A Collage of Awful Pictures of Myself

  1. You actually were a cute little kid. My little brother had similar glasses! I have some school pictures that would blow those out of the water. Of course, they’re locked far, far, away and will never be published on my blog!


  2. I think I can see you in both of your kids…………We all have these hidden somewhere and I promise yours are not as bad as the ones I have of myself and of Tish and Tina. I could really blackmail them so always remember……better to post them yourself than to let you parents pick….LOL


  3. Nothing beats the school portrait photographer who gets paid a bonus for taking unforgettable pictures. A good one even gets you to pay him for the lovely memories.


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