Ella’s First Day: The Movie

I’ve made the build up to Ella’s first day of school a tad bit dramatic, according to my wife. So it’s only fair that, on the heels of such an accusation, I offer some proof of just how dramatic the day was.

If you’re not a movie fan, then feel free to read the book version. Like most adaptations, the book’s probably better anyway.

I give you, Ella’s First Day: The Movie. (Well, really it’s a trailer, but you get the idea.)

9 thoughts on “Ella’s First Day: The Movie

    1. Thanks, DK! By using the video camera as an excuse to keep myself preoccupied, I didn’t even cry this morning! There’s an important parenting tip for you.


  1. This is just priceless! And she is going to love you ALMOST as much as you loved me for picking out your clothes on your first date! Way to go, Dad!


    1. Oh, she loves it – she comes home from school and wants to watch it over and over again. And this morning, she wanted to know why I didn’t have my camera with me…


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