I Don’t Have Anything to Say

At least nothing important. Of course, one could argue that I never have anything important to say.

But I’ve been doing better about posting daily, and the readers are starting to come back, so I guess what I can do is invite you to pass along a link to yet another blog of mine. This one is sort of an extension of my job as a youth pastor at Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, and arose from our “Stump the Chump” Wednesday nights. Essentially, I let the kids ask me any question they want, and I have to answer it. I’ve gotten some doozies, let me tell you, but I’ve also seen them realize that Christianity isn’t just some dogmatic checklist you master, but a faith that requires a personal relationship with a real God, as well as some brains.

So, based on the success of this (and knowing that some people are more likely to type out a question in anonymity), I started a blog on Tumblr called, Stump the Chump (http://stumpchump.tumblr.com). All you have to do is click on the little question mark beneath “Stump the Chump” and submit your question. I will answer it, regardless of how silly or how hard it may be.

It’s geared, really, towards teenagers and their friends, but anyone can submit. So if you have a burning theological or other sort of question, feel free to drop me a line at the new blog and see what I have to say. I guarantee no question will go unanswered…it’s just that some may not get answered right away. Hope you understand – I’m only one dude.

And with that, I’ll say my good night, and ask that you send this link along to any teenagers you know. Or curious adults. Either way, thanks.

For everything. I am most appreciative.

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