“I’m Just a Genius.”

No, I’m not talking about me.

That’s my daughter, speaking of herself. We were in the car, driving to visit my grandfather, when Ella made an astute observation about something. Rachel and I both raised our eyebrows and Rachel turned to Ella.

“And just where did you learn that?” she asked.

“I dunno,” Ella said. “I’m just a genius.”

I almost ran off the road. Rachel stifled a laugh.

“Genius, huh?” I said, looking at Ella in the rearview mirror. She looked like the cat that ate the canary.

“Well, yeah. I’m a genius. People who are really smart call themselves genius, and I’m really smart.”

“Yes you are, Ella,” Rachel agreed, breaking into a smile. “You’re a smart little girl.”

“I know,” Ella said. “I’m a genius because I know things a lot.”

She starts Kindergarten in less than two weeks. The rest of her class had better check themselves. And her teacher had better start taking Valium…

One thought on ““I’m Just a Genius.”

  1. Ahahahaha. That’s a cute kid. I was that confident when I was that age. Then life hit me. I’m sure your kid turns out be a lot smarter than me, and who knows? Perhaps, she turns out to be the Einstein of the next century, without his personal character flaws. 😀 I shall certainly hope so. God knows that this world needs more geniuses than it needs people that… are not geniuses. Yes. 🙂


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