Looking For Some Graphics Help…A LOT Of It

Perhaps you’ve noticed the cheeky little header image that tops every blog post on the old blog, the one reading “This Space For Rent.” No, I’m not trying to monetize my blog (though if you’re interested, gimme a call – I can use the cash…), I’m trying to send a message: I need help.

Blogging is fun, but perhaps the most tedious part is looking for images to use with posts. Between the 3,000,000,000 different licenses out there governing which image you can use when and the unending horrible images that show up on any given image search, finding the right picture to help make a post feel right is almost impossible. It would be so much easier (and mutually beneficial) if some of my shutterbug friends would send me some of their favorite pictures to use as images for my blogs.

I realize that wouldn’t solve all of my problems, if for no other reason than I write on some pretty weird stuff, and most of the people I know aren’t as weird as me. But on those days when I need a sunset, or a nice architectural detail, to be able to dip into a file of photos from friends would be nice. And just as nice to be able to share their talents with the world at large.

Hey – I don’t mind sharing the love.

So if you’re a photog, or you like creating neat things in Photoshop or Lightbox or whatever and you’d like to have another place to show your work, let me know. You can always send me a message on Facebook, or just write something in the comments below. I’ll be more than happy to attribute, link to your webpage, whatever you’d like as a way of highlighting your work with mine.

After all: we artists have to stick together, right?

One thought on “Looking For Some Graphics Help…A LOT Of It

  1. Jason, I like making pictures, mostly old boring stuff like oil paintings. If you are up to it check them out. Compared to modern stuff, it could be considered ‘weird’ – you might be interested 🙂


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