Going Home

I could spend a lot of time torturing out the metaphor of “going home”, but let’s just be honest: today I get to go home and see my wife and kids for the first time in days.

Pretty soon, my grandfather could be going home too.

Both homecomings will be sweet, both will be joyous, and both will be welcomed. Right now, both seem imminent, but neither is certain, because what in life is certain until it happens?

All I know is I look forward to going home. I look forward to seeing my son, and hugging my daughter, and being able to sit down on the couch next to my wife and simply rest. I would imagine my grandfather will do similarly when he gets home; he has a son waiting for him, as well as a granddaughter, not to mention brothers and sisters and parents and friends long gone. And he will be able to rest, not for a moment, not as a temporary state – but he will truly rest. It will be final. It will not change.

He will be at peace forever.

So much going on in the old noggin today that I just needed to get that out of the system, and now I can focus on both homecomings with joy and anticipation. Today, I’m going home. For my grandfather, well, we can only say one thing:

Soon. And very soon.