Using My Voice To Help Others

I’ve been privileged the past couple of weeks to write about some wonderful people doing some wonderful things, all because of my association with the Loganville/Grayson Patch. I’ve been able to write about a local princess named Courtney Hinesley, some friends of mine (Lee and Rebecca Pylant) and the business they built for their daughter, and today I got to write about an extraordinary group of men and women who are working hard to re-introduce the concept of art as/in worship (Proskuneo Institute).

It’s a good feeling when you write to help others.

Admittedly, blogging is quite easily an egotistical effort; you can often end up writing because you want someone to read your work. You get consumed with site visits, original views, comments, pingbacks, trackbacks, recommendations, FB likes, tweets, and Diggs. You can very quickly become that most loathsome of creatures: the arrogant amateur.

Been there. Done that. Repeated the process four or five times.

It happens.

Now, no blog post is written without some thought as to who might read it, but it’s different when you want to share someone’s message instead of your own. Being able to write about local people who are doing fascinating things is one of the things that inspired me to write in the first place; heck, I even tried the UGA Journalism school before I thought myself too good for the profession. I regret my conceit.

Time has a funny way of bringing you full circle, and I’ve done that with regard to my writing. It’s been an interesting trip – one with explorations of fiction and noir and memoir and poetry – but I’ve ended up where I began: wanting to explore the big questions of life through the narrow prism of my own. There may be future trips ahead, but I can say that I’ve found who I am. I know what my voice sounds like now.

And it’s been nice to use it for the benefit of others.

2 thoughts on “Using My Voice To Help Others

    1. Unless you start referring to yourself in the third person, GG, you should be fine. It really only gets bad when you find yourself depressed at only 200 hits a day on your blog because you think you should average at least 250.


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