For Moms…(From The Grateful Dad)

Much like my wife, the woman in this picture could probably beat me senseless if she wanted to.

You’re tired by 1:30 PM because you’ve been trying to keep up with a toddler since 6:30 AM. You struggle to keep both the checkbook and the housework in balance. You struggle with your self-esteem while trying to show a little girl how to be a confident woman. You wonder where you fit in the world, while silently feeling like your presence is the only thing that keeps the world spinning.

It’s the toughest job on the planet. Harder than the presidency, actually, because the president has a power that you don’t: the legal authority to have someone shot. God help us if you actually did.

Many of us dads would be sleepin’ with Osama about right now.

Yeah – I’m talking about you.

Mom: the too-often unsung hero.

My opinion of motherhood changed the day my wife gave birth to our first child. Far from a typical birth, it not only showed me that my wife was a gritty, powerful survivor who would very well outlive me by 200 years, but that all women are more powerful than men give them credit for. Men grumble about wearing uncomfortable ties; women push tiny, living beings out of their bodies and then fall in love with said tiny beings, thus demonstrating a level of physical, emotional and mental strength that men simply are not capable of.

Comparatively, men are wienies. Wimps. Wusses. I had this reinforced a few weeks ago when my wife went out of town for a week. It took me plus parents, my church, and a babysitter to replace her. If she’d been gone any longer, I would’ve had to assemble a SEAL team to help me survive.

So, let me just say, to Rachel, her mom, my own mother and all of you other moms out there (including Dawn, my guest blogger from this morning, who would easily win Game of Thrones were it real):

You rock. And as the saying goes, the one that rocks the cradle, rules the world. All hail our mighty (and wonderful) rulers.

P.S. — Thanks for letting us dads feel like we’re important.

7 thoughts on “For Moms…(From The Grateful Dad)

  1. Very cool! Rachel is a super mom and Dawn too! I feel like i am so not! I didn’t have to push my baby out she was cut out because she was breach. I have to go to stupid work everday so I don’t get to see her much or get to teach her stuff. I feel like I’m not even a mom but just this machine that goes to work and pays the bills. It sucks!


    1. DK – Going to work and having a C-Section doesn’t make you less of a mom. You may not have had the pain of labor, but dear Lord, have you read what you wrote?

      “She was cut out…” The doctors sawed you in half at the belly and you lived to tell the tale!

      They used to do the same thing to torture men in the Roman Empire…and the men didn’t live.

      And the fact that you go to work and then come home and give her that special, undivided mommy-and-me time…well, sister, that makes you Supermom in my (and almost anyone’s) book. Don’t beat yourself up for redefining motherhood, Diana – embrace the fact that you’re blazing a trail, one that Bee will be proud of in the future.


      1. Thanks for the words of encouragment JAson!!! Sometimes it’s really easy to get caught up in my head and my expectations of what I thought motherhood should be.


  2. It’s been a long week, but I have to confess at first glance I read “For Moms…(From the Grateful Dead)”. Then after reading your piece, I found my misinterpretation a bit fitting. 🙂


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