So Let Me Get This Right…

Proof that, for one day, someone thought my writing was worth publishing!

Today has been an interesting one here at the old blog. For some reason, decided that my post from this morning (My Daughter, The Writer) was deserving of their Freshly Pressed designation, which means that my blog has been featured on the front page of all day.

The traffic has been unbelievable – over 1,250 visits to my blog today, and still climbing as of this evening. I’ve had over 45 comments on the featured article (almost as many as I had on the blog total) and people are liking the post left and right. As a frustrated writer (and who among us bloggers isn’t?) it’s been a very gratifying day. I even got a rejection email from an essay I’d submitted a while back and it didn’t phase me because the praise and kudos on the blog have been so wonderful.

Naturally, I had to share my excitement with my family, and in particular with the inspiration for today’s good vibes. I sat Ella down at lunch and told her how I had written a blog about her and that hundreds of people had read it (about 480 at the time I told her). Here’s how the conversation went:

Ella looked at me in her usual way, and then said, “So let me get this right…all of these people are going to give me a dollar?”

“No,” I replied, “it just means that a lot of people have read about you today.”

“Oh,” she said. “Will you give me a dollar?”

“No,” I said. “I just wanted to share with you that people are reading about you on daddy’s blog.”

“Are they in the house? Because I can’t see them.”

“No, they’re connected by the computer.”

She raised an eyebrow and then said, “I don’t understand that stuff anyway.”

And that’s how my daughter responded to her brief international fame – classic Ella. I love my kid, and am glad that I can blog about her and people not only read and laugh, but long to have a daughter just like her. She’s a special kid.

And I’m a lucky dad!

6 thoughts on “So Let Me Get This Right…

  1. Love the response, this post and the original one. I’ve tweeted it also before I even read this one so more readers possibly coming your way πŸ™‚ Enjoy the attention on your writing and all the exciting. Sounds like the family especially Ella will keep your feet on the ground!


  2. Congrats on making the front page! I got here from that article, and I definitely enjoyed it. I can see why your writing would be “Freshly Pressed” worthy. Good job πŸ™‚


  3. LOL. Your daughter is adorable. A real keeper… Enjoy all her questions even if at times they seem pestering… Better than those incredibly intelligent ones that have you totally floored and confused how to come upon an answer πŸ™‚ Those are yet to come…


  4. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I love our kids’ reactions to things.
    I can empathize with your sentiments here. I had a blog post “Freshly Pressed” in early March, about watching my son learn to read, it was a truly overwhelming and gratifying experience as a blogger, and as a parent.
    Keep up the great storytelling! I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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