Shake That Booty

So, I come in from cutting and edging the yard, blowing off the driveway – you know, outside man stuff – and walk into the house. I’m greeted by the sight of my two year-old son trotting in a circle, a move that, when set to music, I affectionately call “The Jonathan.” Well, the boy is cutting the rug for all he’s worth, and laughing and smiling as his sister bobs and weaves around him to the beat.

Ella looks up and waves at me. “It’s a dance party, daddy!” she cries with joy, and Jonathan starts laughing. I look at Jon and ask him, “Do you like dancing, bubba?”

And my son, my sweet two year-old son, looks me square in the face and says, “Shak booty, daddy! Yay!”

I took that as a yes and watched them dance for a while. I love my kids.

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