Single Dad = No Sleep (Again)

Reason #2 Why I Miss My Wife: we split the nighttime disturbances. If Ella or Jon wakes up, we alternate who has to schlep in and save the day. No Rachel = Jason on duty all night long. So far tonight, I’ve had to go into Jon’s room and stop a crying fit, and ask

Day Two – My Daughter, The Negotiator

I think my kid is going to grow up and be a lawyer. In fact, I know she is. I don’t know of any other five year-olds who put as much effort and thought into their begging to get their way. Most kids just pitch one: eyes bulge, veins throb, tongues glisten with spittle, as… Continue reading Day Two – My Daughter, The Negotiator

Two Kids, Much Destruction

I think any parent would say, with the uttermost conviction, that while they love their child (or in my case, children) there are times when the presence of the little tyke is more than overwhelming and not the least bit helpful. This was one of those mornings. It began innocently enough – after tossing and… Continue reading Two Kids, Much Destruction