Back In The Saddle (An Appeal to Youth Ministers Everywhere)

So in 2005 I quit my job as a youth minister in order to take time off and grieve the death of my first child. It was needed, and it was healing. Life since then has been a rather circuitous route, taking me places I’ve never dreamed (see this previous post for some detail).

But, I find myself back in the saddle again as a youth minister. I’m pumped. I’m excited. I feel like I come back to the position (with the church I left in 2005, no less, so it’s literally the same position) with fresher ideas, a better leadership style, a truer faith, and more wisdom.

I just don’t know what to do with my kids for fun.

I mean, I do – I know the old stand-bys, the tried-and-true staples that every YM has in his bag – but I’m curious to know what other guys are doing. How are you innovating the fun quotient of your ministry? What are things that you’ve taken your students to do that caught you by surprise when the kids loved it?

I want to hear from the creatives among us, and especially those who’ve been with a particular ministry for over five years. Shoot, those who have been with one ministry for over ten years would be ideal.

So how ’bout it? What are some fresh, fun things you do with your students? Where do you find your ideas?

3 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle (An Appeal to Youth Ministers Everywhere)

  1. Start doing a youth camp for a week during the summer! Take them to a facility and have parents or other young people in the church volunteer to be counselors(or find a place with counselors), have a speaker come and let them lead worship! But don’t forget the games, horse riding, white water rafting and a ropes course!! It was the best time of my life and made a huge impact! That’s where I met my best friend. We also did things like 6Flags or Sunday night Bible studies where we could choose a class and an adult led it. Also after church in the evening we always went out to eat at a restaurant and played ultimate Frisbee. Just some ideas!


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Heather. I’ve actually been meaning to email you and pick your brain a bit about mission work. If these ideas are any indication, I’m definietly going to have to email you now… 🙂


      1. Please email me! Thankfully, I had an incredible youth group experience and would love to share more ideas and moments that really shaped my life. I also have some fun missions ideas for your group too!


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