Fox Network Hates Jesus (Surprise!)

Okay – ordinarily, I’d not touch this one.

What Fox Broadcasting wants to run on their Super Bowl broadcast is their business (literally), and if they say that an ad doesn’t meet their broadcast standards, then that’s that. According to David Gibson and other media reports, they’ve rejected at least two potential commericals for, as Gibson writes, “issues of bad taste and inappropriate content.”

Now, Fox has added a third commercial to the scrap heap. Not for being too sexy, not for being too outrageous, not for being too offensive – no, this one gets rejected because it’s too…well, I don’t know what makes this one so bad. Fox says it’s promoting Christianity, and that’s a no-no for their broadcast: Fox “does not accept advertising from religious organizations for the purpose of advancing particular beliefs or practices.”

Honestly, if you go watch this video, submitted by Fixed-Point Foundation out of Birmingham, AL, do you find that it promotes “religious beliefs or practices” in any way?

Sure, it directs you to a link that not only quotes John 3:16 but offers brief commentary as well, but the commercial itself isn’t even religious. No one drops to their knees and prays to Christ. No one administers the Eucharist to a stadium full of fans (though apparently Pepsi and Doritos had an idea for a commercial that blasphemed that Christian rite; it was rejected too).

Fixed-Point’s ad is  just another commercial for another website. As Gibson and other blogsters have posited, how does this commercial differ from the GoDaddy ads or any others that use a few seconds of footage to direct a viewer’s attention to a website?

And since we’re talking about standards, take a few moments to compare Fixed Point’s commercial with Fox’s standard broadcast fare: an episode of Family Guy entitled “I Dream of Jesus.”

Which video is more disturbing?

It’s interesting that the parent company for the Religious Right’s favorite news channel – you know, the one that’s “fair and balanced” – apparently hates the Savior the Religious Right so loves. I’m sure there’s more that could be explored here, but honestly, this seems pretty cut and dried.

Fox hates Jesus. Do you agree?

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