What Do I Do?

So I keep saying I’m going to publish something, by hook or by crook. I write blog posts about it, start folders on my computer, move essays here and short stories there, and at the end of the day, I find myself staring into space mumbling: “Where do I start?”

Today I turn 35. I’m tired of posting “I’m a gonna do it” blogs. By the end of March of this year, I want to have at the very least one electronic book done and available for purchase somewhere. And I’m going to ask for your help in deciding what book it will be.

Here’s a poll – normally you people don’t vote in these things, so help a brother out and do it for once – where you get to choose what my first e-book will be. Please feel free to peruse my archives to re-acquaint yourself with some of my older stories and essays, and don’t forget to visit my old blog, The Southern Gentleman, for some good stuff there as well. If you have an alternate suggestion for an E-book, feel free to post it in the comments.

Just don’t let me down. I’m counting on you.

Tell me what you think...

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