The Decent Thing to Do

Life is funny sometimes. You spend your days working your butt off trying to accomplish things that you believe matter, or that you need to accomplish in order to get to the things that matter, and before you know it, you lose sight of what really matters. You end up inverting your priorities; trading off the right things for the wrong things; spending time looking for something elusive instead of enjoying what you’ve already found.

But every once in a while, a day or a moment or a person comes along that makes the sun come up in the West, really alters the fundamental reality in which you operate. You spend time reeling from the sudden awareness that you’ve been doing it all wrong, or at the very least backwards, but after a second’s passing you re-establish your footing and find solid ground–and with it, a renewed vision for what life should be like. Sometimes this awakening is cataclysmic. Sometimes, it’s barely a breath.

Regardless, yesterday was one of those moments for me. They happen to me quite often it seems,  mainly because I spend a lot of time living in my head. My commute and the occasional lapse into the monotony of life make me a prime candidate for abstract functioning in the concrete world; and it takes a load of the concrete world falling on my abstract head to really bring me into the light. Pondering Veteran’s Day, wanting to do something to reach out across the miles and support a family who has sacrificed much, I wrote a fairly simple blog post–I equate brevity with simplicity–and over 100 people viewed it within 24 hours. Some wrote notes of thanks. Others just passed the link along to someone else. Either way, the response reminded me that the decent thing to do is often the most profound thing to be done.

I think, maybe, we all can stand to be reminded of that fact.

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