CONTEST — Help a Former Student of Mine, Dustin Sosebee

Howdy – I know that some of you have already seen this link on Facebook, and if so, well, click on it again.

I’ve been privileged to serve as Youth Minister to some awesome young men and women, and Dustin Sosebee is one of those. A talented singer, songwriter, and just an all around dadgum good person, he’s been an inspiration to me since I’ve known him. Uniquely gifted with a personality and charm that melt through the common walls we all build to keep people at bay, Dustin has to be one of my all-time favorite people.

So here’s a link to a video he recorded one evening and submitted to YouTube for a contest sponsored by a local radio station. 104.7 the Fish, a Christian radio station here in Atlanta, is holding a contest to find the opening act for their Celebrate Freedom Concert, which takes place Labor Day weekend. The stakes are pretty high – the top five people with the most page views get a chance to compete for the right to be the opening act at this huge concert, as well as win some pretty sweet prizes. I don’t know the other people who have posted videos, so I can’t speak to their being deserving of the honor or not. Maybe they are. But I know Dustin, I know his heart and his life, and I am positive this is the kind of young man who deserves a chance like this to touch lives. Please help me and the rest of his friends and family give that chance to him.

Click on this page, as many times as you possibly can over the next fifteen days. He’s already at 5,500 views – help me push him to 10,000 by the weekend.

And in case you’re too busy to click on the link, here’s an embed:

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