Dang It Jefferson, We Wanted It To Read “We the Homies…”

Today on CNN.com, a fascinating bit of history came to light in the form of a hyperspectral imaging discovery on a rough draft of the Declaration of Independence. For those who thought hyperspectral imaging had something to do with ADHD ghosts, let me explain: basically you take really old documents and pass them under the visible and non-visible light spectrum. This allows you to see a whole lot more than what your eyes normally detect.

The story is really interesting and I suggest you read it in full. However, it also brought to mind an old document, discovered about 42 years ago, that some historians hailed as paradigm-shifting for the national historical record. The majority of U.S. historians rejected the document out of hand, but there are still a vocal few who maintain its veracity. I’ll let you decide.

Herewith is a transcript version of “The Minutes of the Continental Congress, Assembled Together on this Daye, 4 July, 1776”, discovered by Drs. Gullay and Boll, Atherton University, Department of History. Continue reading “Dang It Jefferson, We Wanted It To Read “We the Homies…””