Just For Fun: Southern vs. Redneck

I’m well aware that Jeff Foxworthy and other comedians with blue collars have explored this theme to death. But being Southern myself, I want to contribute to the greater cultural understanding that Southern does NOT equal redneck.

Southern Mansion

Redneck Mansion

Southern School Bus

Redneck School Bus

Southern Prom

Redneck Prom

Southern Church

Redneck Church

Southern Car Seat

Redneck Car Seat

Southern Dentist

Redneck Dentist

3 thoughts on “Just For Fun: Southern vs. Redneck

  1. Ha ha ha ha!!! I was looking for a picture to put on my blog. I typed red neck church and this came up like on the 2nd picture. The “we love hurting people” sign. Anyway, Funny blog man!!


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