They Just Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To…

…and that’s a cryin’ shame. I just watched “12 Angry Men” for the sixth or seventh time in the past two months, and I still come away with a sense of just how freaking good that movie really is.

It truly stands the test of time.

There are some parts that are dated – a reflection of the changing social mores of an increasingly evolving America – but on the whole the tensions, the prejudices, the capacity for quiet strength expressed with dignity to change hardened or cynical hearts still holds true in our contemporary society.

We just don’t always see it. Or hear about it.

Or, honestly, appreciate it.

We’ve turned the person with moral conviction into a satirical lump that deserves our best shots, and I’m not talking about atheism vs. Christianity; I’m talking about people holding to an honest-to-God ethical conviction despite the prevailing pressures or blatant self-interest of themselves or others being turned into the target for our aggregated contempt.

Old-fashioned. Patristic. Parochial. Anachronistic. Whatever you want to call it, you dismiss it at your peril. We desperately need women and men who hold to a serious ethical code, men and women who won’t sell out their fellow man at the first opportunity to cut a corner or make a buck. And if you don’t believe that statement, well try and enjoy a fishing expedition in the Gulf region right now, or have a chat with someone who’s nest egg got scrambled by the fellows who cheated and lied their way to multi-million dollar retirements and golden parachutes.

Honor. Morality. Ethics. Class.

Foreign words to my generation and the ones behind us, but words we need to resurrect if we hope for any bright future for our nation. If we fail in this, we might as well carve out the tombstone for the American dream:

“Rest in Pieces.”

2 thoughts on “They Just Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To…

  1. Really Nice Blog.

    I agree with your assesment. Compare this to The Dark Knight, and you’ll see that Film as an art form has really declined.

    But, if you like this I’d recommend 12 by Nikita Mikhalkov, which is a Russian remake of 12 Angry Men. It may be similar, but it has its own twist.


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