Destroying the Ocean, One Day at a Time

I’m wide awake, and have been for a couple of hours, so the news sites on the web have been my friend (as opposed to the fantastic and wide variety of television preachers available on cable here in Illinois). I’ve read about the Arkansas flood victims and the ongoing response to the horrific events of a couple nights ago. I’ve read about the U.S.’s stunning moral victory in the Copa du Monde, the one time in our national athletic annals that a tie isn’t really like kissing your sister. I’ve read about Brooks Conrad dropping a sweet little suicide squeeze to help the Braves get a victory in Minnesota.

But the best story has to be the huge, refrigerator-sized oil container that washed up on Panama City Beach yesterday. You know, the one with the BP logo on the side?

If you want more on the story than just a quick dose of snark, here’s the CNN link, but all I wanted to say is “wow.”

If you’re BP, you have to feel like banging your head against the nearest wall. Or, if you work for BP, quitting.

As a friend of mine, BP’s new slogan should be, “Bringing petroleum products to America’s shores.”

I’m not an environmentalist by any stretch, but it saddens me that my children my not get to enjoy the Gulf as they grow up because of all of this. Even if the oil is cleaned up, the beaches re-sanded, the tourist trade restored, the ecological impact of the spill will resonate for a while.

What a great way to start a Sunday morning…

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