The Evolution of an Idea

I was driving home today, lamenting the fact that I have so many writing projects in process, but none really complete. I mean, sure, I have about 35 short stories that I’m satisfied with, but the big guns, the book-length works, are nowhere near being finished.

There’s the vampire church story that’s 3/4 of the way home. But I’ve not touched it in dang near a year.

Then there’s the memoir on my first child. It’s pretty well finished, but it needs some real revision to shine. Haven’t opened the file in six months.

Oh! Don’t forget about the novel I started here on the site, the one that I published serially during National Novel Writing Month in November to make sure I met my deadline and really finished a book…yeah, well, not so much. Two-thirds complete and just hanging out collecting whatever kind of dust an electronic file collects.

I completely forgot about the one that’s about 14 pages of a beginning, featuring Bence Little, my Athens detective and quite possibly my most favorite character to write. Last I left Bence, he was sitting in his car outside a funeral home. He’s probably out of gas by now…

Naturally, with so many unfinished projects in my queue, I get a flash of inspiration this afternoon on the way home from work for a completely new novel featuring Bence. Only, this novel is almost entirely complete, despite the fact that I’ve not even written word one.

That’s because the novel will take all of the Bence stories I’ve already written and blend them into one tale. An introductory novel that will explore how a man redeems himself after a fall. I’ve jotted down several ideas on how to tie the stories together, the thread that will connect them if you will, and I’m excited to start working on the book. I think I’m going to call it “Bulldog.”

Of course, I won’t be starting right away – with so much of the book already complete, I can afford to put it next to my other ones and let it get to the know the family. Chances are, it might take me a while to get it done…

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