Letter to a Young Black Man

Dear Young Black Man – I passed you on the sidewalk yesterday¬†while I was out for a stroll. You had on a hoodie, despite the heat, and your shorts were sagging. You had your ear buds in, your hands shoved deep into your pockets, and for whatever reason you were wearing a backpack. You weren’t […]

A Gun Proposal (Because I’m Stupid Like That)

I’ve been thinking lately about guns and what to do with them. I’ve been thinking about it in part because my son has suddenly developed a strong interest in learning to shoot. I would chalk it up to superhero movies making guns seem cool, but in our other conversations I detect a deeper motivation. I […]

Eric’s Laws – Guest Post by Eric Green

I’ve known Eric Green for years, spending at least three working side-by-side as we both learned how to lead. He is a unique combination of humility and wit, as well as an endless source of Twitter wisdom. He posted some of the following on Twitter, and I asked him to put together a blog post. […]

What Do You Do With Philando Castile?

I’ve never once walked down a street and been afraid of being stopped by a cop. I’ve never gotten in my car and worried that I might be pulled over for simply driving. I’ve never worried about having my cellphone’s camera on the ready to record video. I’ve never had a friend get arrested that […]

An Open Letter to the GOP

Dear Grand Old Party – I just wanted to take a moment to suggest a strategy for you as you head into your convention in a couple of weeks. I know that Donald Trump has long been the presumptive nominee, swept into his high estate by a large number of people who are either very, […]